About ZK-DL About ZK-DL

ZK-DL is a full stack Java Web framework based on ZK framework, originally created by DataLite Company.

Main features:

  • All-in-one data driven components - several components with fully configurable sorting, filtering, paging and other features (like export to excel) with just a few lines of code
  • Full stack solution - you can use a maven archetype (or an example project) to jump start a complete web application with ZK-DL, Spring and Hibernate in just minutes (see our 10 minutes app motivation video).
  • Modularity - The framework is split into several loosely coupled modules. You can choose to use only the custom data-driven ZK components (and use the service/database layer of your choice),  or use the whole application stack as preconfigured by us.
  • Maturity  - ZK-DL has been used for several years now from small applications to large enterprise projects with huge database and milion rows tables.
  • Java 5 annotations - make the code clean and self-explaining with annotations like @ZkEvent, @ZkController....
  • Support of standards - we do not invent a new solution. This library is just a thin layer on top of existing frameworks. It will help you with the plumbing code between layers 
  • Server centric - based on ZK, this framework is component oriented. This speeds up the development incredibly.
  • Export to Excel with no coding and import from Excel with minimum coding :)
  • Monitoring utility is part of the framework (ZK events, database query, server/client time)


Start by watching our motivational video and the 10 minute application development video, than continue with the tutorial and get your hands dirty with actual code (checkout the demo code from SVN or use the Maven Archetype to start your own project). Use Wiki for documentation and reference and Forum to ask or answer any question. Register RSS on our Blog to stay tuned. Register (or user your Facebook account) and feel free to collaborate.

Last but not least - we made this library open source in the hope, that it will be of use for you, and in the hope, that you will help us with development and bug correction. This is also a showcase of our work, if you need any professional service from us, we will be happy to help you - please contact us at zk-dl@datalite.cz or use http://www.datalite.cz.

ZK-DL Modules ZK-DL Modules

ZKComposer - control the MVC design with annotations @ZkEvent, @ZkComponent, @ZkBinding, ... (similar to zkspring or zkcdi projects, however without any framework dependencies).

ZKDLComponents – splits ZK data driven components (DLListbox, DLLovbox, combobox) to MVC design, adds support for easy large data manipulation and contains many pre-built user controls (filter manager, sort manager, visible listbox columns manager, export to excel, etc.)

HibernateDAO & ZKDLComponentsHibernateExtensions - Hibernate generic DAO design with extensions for ZKDLComponents to replace all your plumbing code (filter, sort, lazy loading, CRUD).

SpringService - service layer with spring - generic service which speaks to generic DAO. This is the way we use our components at DataLite, but you can use any integration or DAO at your will.

ZKLiferay - integration with Liferay portal (the hosting portal of this web site). It integrates ZK-DL data-driven components with Liferay services and contains many other services and utility classes to ease the development of ZK and Liferay. It allows to launch the portlet application in a "mocked" mode - in Jetty without Liferay actually running. It speeds up the startup time in development considerably.

And many others, see the ZK-DL Modules wiki page for more information.

Create a ZK-DL application in 10 minutes Create a ZK-DL application in 10 minutes

There is a version of this video with captions on YouTube  (unfortunately, it has bad resolution). Start with a maven archetype and create whole application in 10 minutes. We use velocity templates in this example to pregenerate file contents according to the file name and a standard package structure, but there is nothing IDE specific.

DataLite Profesional Services DataLite Profesional Services

Should you need any help, don't hesitate to contact us at zk-dl@datalite.cz.

Credits Credits

Jiri Bubník, DataLite

Karel Čemus
Michal Pavlusek, DataLite
Ondřej Medek

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