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ZK-DL Modules

ZK-DL library is split into multiple maven modules. You are encouraged to use

Module overivew#

  • Helpers - everyone needs to have some package like this, please feel free to explore it's internals and use anything you want.
  • ZKDLComponents - main "selling point" of our library :) (it is LGPL of course). Data driven components with UI controlls.
  • ZKComposer - DLComposer and support packages
  • ZKComponents - other imporvements of basic ZK components.
  • HibernateDAO - yet another Hibernate DAO, what is unique is support of our data driven components. With this DAO, you can bind components like listbox to the database with 10 lines of code :).
  • ZKDLComponentsHibernateExtension - the actual interface between ZKComponents and HibernateDAO. It contains mainly DLListboxCriteriaController.
  • SpringService - Generic Spring service, which talks to Generic Hibernate DAO. Use for classical 3-layered architecture ZK - Spring - Hibernate.


  • ZKStatistics - detail monitor of your session (Timing, Events, SQL Query, Service methods)
  • Selenium - Integration tests with Selenium 2.0 (WebDriver) - PageObjects pattern
  • ZKLiferay - ZK-DL integration with Liferay portal

Package Dependecies#


These modules are either alfa versions, or DataLite internals. If you are think, that you may have a use for one of this module, please contant us.
  • ZKInfrastructure - You need lot of standard screens for each project - login, error, audit...
  • DLDevelopmentKit - Integration with other frameworks
  • GroovyConsole - Groovy console to your application, create pages on-the-fly, override controller with Spring.
  • JavaHelp - ZK Components for Help with JavaHelp (based on JavaHelp2 and ZK5 article
  • ZKPlus - small enhancements to zkplus original module - mainly Bean Validation


We ship our library with default archetypes to ease creation of new project. See tutorial page for setup of project based on a archetype.


Basic archetype with features from public repository. See our example to learn how to jump-start a new project.

This startup project contains all basic configuration including:

  • all maven dependencies, repository for ZK-DL library, all basic modules included
  • ZK configuration (WEB-INF/web.xml, WEB-INF/zk.xml)
  • local database (HSQL, configured with JPA/Hibernate)
  • spring configuration (WEB-INF/spring/applicationContext*) - stereotypes, jpa, transactions, bean validation, ZKMonitor
  • jetty configuration (you can run the application with maven jetty:run)
  • example index.zul - one page with todo overview

Other dependecies#

All modules with ZK5#

ZK-DL modules dependencies#

Spring & Spring Security#


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